Sue Forrest Art Director


Hi, and thank you for visiting.

For nearly a fifteen years I’ve had the pleasure of living my passion. I love beautiful things and love combining beautiful colors, type styles, photography, and graphical elements to tell a story, to create an emotion, reflect a personality. This creative process is what I do. It’s how I show up in this world to serve others. It’s my pleasure to work with clients to pull these beautiful elements together to tell their unique story.

The Agency is growing. And we now have several brilliant and talented freelancers that allow us to broaden our offering. I’m delighted to work with this team to conceptualize, create, enhance, or refresh your personal or business identity.

You and your business have a unique story. Does your personal identity show others what you stand for, what you believe in and why you exist?

Is your current business logo distinctive, appropriate, practical? Is it simple in form and does it convey your intended message?

Does your business have a brand? Without it, you lack identity, presence and purpose.

Let’s talk about a unique visual identity for you or your business. Give me a call or send me an email.