The Benefits of Journaling for Small Business Owners: Journal for Success

There’s no question that small business owners are busy people, but have you taken the time to recognize yourself lately? Have you thought about your personal and professional growth in your life and business?

Keeping a journal is a hobby to some, but did you know it’s also a tool for serious growth and success?

And, it doesn’t take very much time at all!

20 minutes of journaling a day can lead to massive success in your business. It can also be cathartic, relaxing, and keep you organized. The small investment of time doing daily journaling can lead to more productivity and less stress.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Grab your phone and check social media? Respond to emails? If you have time for that then you have time to journal. Start a new healthy habit and journal for success.

Spend 10 minutes after waking and 10 minutes before bed journaling. The subconscious mind is at its most powerful during these times. Writing in a journal when waking and before sleep is all you really need to do, but of course, if you have time, journaling at any time of the day is so beneficial.

Here’s how to get started with keeping a success journal.

Rewrite your goals daily

The human brain can only process and remember about 7 things at once, so writing down daily goals into smaller portions will be beneficial to nailing those goals. Jot down a few small goals for the day, and a big goal for the week or the month that you hope to accomplish. Remind yourself of these goals every day.

Give yourself credit

What kind of accomplishments have you had? If you can’t think of any immediately, then it’s time to dig deep because you’ve actually had hundreds accomplishments under your belt, you just haven’t taken the time to assess yourself and be proud of them.

Recognize yourself for the hard work you do! It’s the small, daily accomplishments that we do every day that add up to grander accolades. Things that seem menial are important to your business and you work hard so learn to appreciate all that you do.

Keep things in perspective

When you look back on the weeks of journaling, you will be amazed at how much you really do accomplish. Seeing it in print makes it real and brings such a huge sense of accomplishment.

Detach from the workday

At the end of the day, the writing process can be quite meditative. Write down successes of the day, things you’re grateful for, and things you hope to accomplish tomorrow.

Did you know that writing things down engrains them into the subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind works undercover all of the time, even when you’re sleeping. So, if you write down goals before bed, you will actually be able to achieve them faster.

Keep a gratitude list

Above all else, gratitude keeps us going. Gratitude can shift your emotions and be the difference between a good day and a bad day. If things are going well, write down why. Who are you grateful for? What are you grateful for? Gratitude can be as simple as being so thankful for the coffee that keeps you going, the computer that works wonders, or the amazing clients you have attracted. If things aren’t going so well, a gratitude list is more important than ever. Writing down all of the good that you appreciate can help you shift your focus as well as keep your perspective where it should be.

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